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Earn a high-interest rate on your savings with a GMF Fixed Savings Plan. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and goals. Save the same allotment every month and watch your savings grow exponentially.

A GMF Savings Plan provides a safe place to put the cash that you don’t need right away. It accrues 12% interest annually and can help you save money for a specific goal, such as a large purchase or a safety net fund. See our calculator below …

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Earn 12% APY – GMF Fixed Saving Plans

Award Winning

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” 

Warren Buffet

Few Reasons Why A GMF Fixed Savings Plan Is Right For You

Location, Location, Location!

Scouting for the perfect place to park your savings and earn more on your money is hard to decide these days. Look no further than GMF. Enjoy world-class facilities from any corner of the world and let your idle money work as you earn attractive interest rates on your funds with a GMF Fixed Savings Plan.

Keep Your Money Safe

When you open a high-yielding interest savings plan with GMF, your mind is at peace, knowing that your money is in a secure place and is working hard for you.

Gives You A Steady Interest

The tortoise from the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ story would be proud of a GMF Savings Plan. Why? Because just like the tortoise — accumulated interest (Compounded) moves ahead slowly and steadily; thus, giving you a win in life!

Instills Financial Discipline

Cash is more easily accessible when it’s kept at home. This leads to much frivolous spending and reduced savings. However, with a GMF Fixed Savings Plan, you will use it to save towards special items/purchases. Furthermore, a GMF Fixed Savings Plan helps you to meet your goals. For example, got your eye on a cool vehicle? You can open an account and transfer funds on a monthly basis until you reach your financial goal to make a lump-sum withdrawal to buy the cool ride.

First Step Towards Getting Credit

When you have a fair amount of balance tucked away every month with a GMF Savings Plan; any institution will find you reliable enough to extend credit to you. You can get a credit card or a loan from your bank if they perceive that your monthly income can cover the credit or EMIs.

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We were looking for a platform for so long that offers such benefits and we certainly have found that with Global M Finance.

Client Since 2022

The sign up process here was very easy and straight forward, all we had to do is fill out the single form for the plan we wanted and made a deposit, super easy!

Client Since 2022

Love, Love, Love how simple, clean and fresh Global M has come to the market to aid in the average person to save and earn a meaningful interest rate on top of their money, now I am saving for my future.

Client Since 2022

Never ever have I seen a company that puts its customers interest ahead and offers great incentives for savings. I opted to give this company a try by taking a safer approach to increasing my money over time.

Client Since 2022

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A Global M Finance LLC Fixed Saving Plan  (FSP) offers an alternative way to grow your money. You choose the set period of time to earn a guaranteed fixed interest rate, regardless of market conditions. Investing in an FSP can provide peace of mind whether you’re saving for tomorrow, next year’s projects, college tuition, or retirement, the ball is in your court as the terms are set by you. All plans are insured and FDIC covered up to 250,000 USD via our banking institution. 

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