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Fixed-Term Account Pros & Cons

Main Advantages:

  • A guaranteed interest rate for an agreed period.
  • Security – In event of a market crash, your portfolio funds are safe.
  • Pays a higher rate of interest than other normal savings accounts.


  • Limited access to your money, be prepared to pay fees.
  • If interest rates rise you will not benefit from a rate increase.
  • Not a liquid asset – less flexible than other investment vehicles.

More About GMF – FTAs

Introduction Into A GMF Fixed Term Plan...

Are you looking for more bang for your buck? If you’re not a risk taker and would rather take a conservative approach when it comes to your money; well a Global M Finance Fixed Term Account might just be your answer to a safe and secure way of earning more on your money.

With your money locked away in a GMF Term Account for a set period of time, with a fixed interest rate — this will allow your money to grow without you having to lift a finger.  A fixed-term account works especially well for those who often dip into their savings; and for this reason, it’s hands-off until the term has ended.

Before opening an FTA account; it’s very important that you consider your short-term needs and ensure that you have sufficient funds stored in a short-term readily accessible bank account to keep you and your family afloat.

You will need a minimum opening balance of USD 250.00 to commence a GMF Fixed Term Account. GMF pays a 1% interest rate each month on both your principal and on its generated interest, thereby granting you a 12% APY on your plan.


Annual Percentage Yield

APY – 1 | 3 | 5 Year Plans.

To Secure Your Family First, You Must First Have A Secured Plan!

At certain times in your life, you may have a lump sum of money to put away. It could be from an inheritance, a retirement fund, or even from savings build up over time. If ever you can manage to put some money away for a fixed time — then you can benefit from a fixed rate of interest on any of GMF Term Plans.

With a Global M Finance LLC Fixed Term Account, you can lodge your money for a specific duration and withdraw it when the time is up. GMF calculates the interest on the daily balance in the account at the applied rate you opened the account with.

Whenever you open a fixed-term account with GMF, the prevailing rate of interest will be applied to the account and is fixed for the selected timeframe. Interest is paid monthly directly into your account. Where the account has a term in excess of 12 months / (1 Year) interest is paid monthly on the anniversary date(s).

Our Promise!

It’s very important to be aware that if you do not give us maturity instructions, your funds will roll over automatically for the same terms at the prevailing rate every month thereafter until the account is fully terminated.

Should you wish to cancel your account at any time before the term is up, your account will be subject to an early withdrawal penalty fee from its current balance.

Read our terms and conditions before proceeding to purchase any of GMF Plans –  See Terms Here!

Fully Secured Plans!

Global M Finance Simply Connects Its Global Clients To Superior Investment Vehicles.

GMF Is Trusted By 1000s Of Its Global Clients!

A one-year fixed-term plan is scheduled for a period of up to 12 calendar months from the date it has commenced and bears an APY of 12% with 1 percent added at the end of each month until the FTP is closed. 

A three-year fixed-term plan is scheduled for a period of up to 36 calendar months from the date it has commenced and bears an annual APY of 12% totaling 36% in full – with a 1% interest added at the end of each month until the FTP is closed.

A five-year fixed-term plan is scheduled for a period of up to 60 calendar months from the date it has commenced and bears an annual APY of 12% totaling 60% in full – with a 1% interest added at the end of each month until the FTP is closed. 



What Is A Fixed Term Plan?

A Fixed Term Plan often known as a Certificate of Deposit (CD, COD, or Time Account) is a financial product that usually pays a fixed interest rate for a set period of time, ranging from a few months to several years. This period of time is known as a “term.” By depositing your money into an FTP/CD for a set term, you won’t lose any of your initial deposit and will lock in your interest rate until your money matures. 

Are There Fees To Set Up An FTP?

Yes: there is a USD 25.00 fee that is applicable for the processing of your FTP with GMF. 

This fee covers our payment gateway processor and any postage associated with forwarding your certificate via mail. 

How Do I Earn Interest From A FTP?

You earn interest from the date of your opening deposit up to your maturity date. Your interest compounds daily and is generally paid monthly, although interest payments made quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or at maturity are also available. Interest can be re-deposited to the FTP or transferred to a Global M savings account, or paid by check to the beneficiary. 

What Terms Are Available For My FTP?

You can select terms of 12 months, 36 months, or 60 months online. 

What Happens When My FTP Matures?

Approximately one month before your FTP matures, you’ll be sent a notice reminding you of the maturity date. At maturity, you’ll have a seven-calendar-day grace period to renew or make any of the following changes:

  • Change the term
  • Make additional deposits & extend
  • Make withdrawals (as long as the remaining balance in the FTP meets the minimum balance requirements)
  • Close the FTP

At maturity, your FTP will automatically renew at the interest rate then in effect unless you make one of the changes noted above. 

What Is The Penalty For Early Withdrawal?

You may pay an early withdrawal penalty or a Regulation D penalty if you withdraw funds from your account before the term is complete. Some exceptions may apply. Penalties could reduce earnings on your account.

The Regulation D Penalty is seven days’ simple interest on the amount withdrawn and applies to:

  • Withdrawals are made within seven days of account opening including the day the account was opened.

Other than the Regulation D penalty described above,

Any money withdrawn from the FTP before the end of its term will be subjected to an early withdrawal penalty based on the length of the FTP. If your term is:

  • Less than 24 months), the penalty is 1 month’s interest
  • 24 months through 36 months, the penalty is 3 months of interest
  • Over 36 months through 60 months, the penalty is 6 months of interest, or
  • Over 48 months and/or before 60 months the penalty is 12 months’ interest.

A Global M Finance LLC Fixed Term Plan  (FTP) offers an alternative way to grow your money. You choose the set period of time to earn a guaranteed fixed interest rate, regardless of market conditions. Investing in an FTP can provide peace of mind whether you're saving for tomorrow, next year's projects, college tuition, or retirement, the ball is in your court as the terms are set by you. All plans are insured and FDIC covered up to 250,000 USD via our banking institution. 

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