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GMF REC Affiliate Program

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The offering of a competitive commission rate
Exclusivity to a striving community
Dedicated affiliate account managers
Daily recurring commission payouts

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How It Works

“It is nice to promote a product or service that is always useful; what people want, and what will always be around!”


A simple investment in one’s self while receiving benefits from the power of people helping people. Create more leverage in your life, simply by empowering others as they too do the same for you!



Share your Affiliate Link with others in your family and/or community — explain the GMF-REC Benefits and watch your commissions grow monthly.


Receive $ Every Month

GMF pays out commissions with a minimum balance of USD 15.00 every 15th of the month directly into your Payeer or Global M Wallet on file.


Cover Your Plan

A minimum of 4 persons to do the same with your personal link covers your plan — let generated commissions pay for your own plan and pocket or invest the rest.


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Why Join GMF Real Estate Club

Real estate clubs and organizations offer a variety of benefits to their members — Global M Finance is no different from other clubs, this prestigious club offers the following:

Networking Opportunities

GMF Real Estate Club provides a platform for real estate professionals to network with one another. Members can connect with other investors, agents, brokers, industry experts, and those who are now getting started, which can lead to new business opportunities and partnerships.

Education & Training

GMF Real Estate Club offers educational programs and training sessions to its members. These can include seminars, workshops, webinars, and guest speaker events that cover a wide range of topics related to real estate investing and industry trends.

Access To Resources

Members of The GMF Real Estate Club may have access to exclusive resources, such as research reports, property listings, and investment opportunities that are not available to the general public.

Discounts & Perks

The GMF Real Estate Club offers discounts and perks to its members, such as reduced fees for events, training programs, discounted bookings, hired vehicles, reduced travel expenses, and other services related to real estate investing.

Community Involvement

The GMF Real Estate Club will often organize community involvement activities, such as volunteering and fundraising events, which will provide its members with an opportunity to give back to their local community while also building valuable relationships with other members. By the way, CLICK HERE to join the GMF Private Social Community.

Overall – joining The GMF Real Estate Club can provide you with valuable opportunities to network, learn, and grow as a real estate professional. It can also offer access to resources and exclusive perks that can help you and its members to achieve more financial and professional goals — this too can be you!

Commissions Chart

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Commission Is Paid?
 A Whopping 30% Commission is paid directly into your affiliate account for every solid invitee that joins The GMF Real Estate Club simply by utilizing your affiliate link.
What Is Meant By Recurring Commissions?

Simply put! – for every person you invite to become a club member and maintain their account every month, you’ll receive a commission from their contributions. Each month they pay for their REC Membership – you’ll earn a commission.

How Often Are Commissions Paid?

Commissions are paid every day. However, each individual can be paid biweekly or monthly and not subject to a static day due to the large volume. Commissions are also paid once there is a minimum balance of USD 15.00 in your account by/or before the 15th of each month. Email notifications are sent out whenever any payments are made.

How Are Commissions Paid-out?

Commissions are paid via your CaribPay or CuminPay Wallet(s), Paypal, Direct Bank Deposit, or Deposit to your VISA, or Master Debit or Credit Cards and/or via your (PSA) Personal Savings Account with GMF Digi Bank.  

Your Personalized Dashboard

The GMF REC Affiliate Dashboard keeps affiliates well informed and motivated with quick access to info e.g. total clicks, earnings per click, conversions, and commissions. In the dashboard, you can create your own custom links to grab conversions from within the console.


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The GMF Real Estate Club Membership Is Only $49/month!

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