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Let GMF Affiliate Program pay for your own Family Farewell Plan by simply sharing your personal code with others.

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GMF Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Highlights

The offering of a competitive commission rate
Exclusivity to a striving community
Dedicate affiliate account managers
Recurring commission payouts

A Simple Process!

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How It Works

“It is nice to promote a product or service that is always useful; what people want, and what will always be around!”


Invest in a Family Farewell Plan with GMF whether an individual or family package and sign up for your personal affiliate link.



Share your Affiliate Link with others in your family or community and explain to them the benefits and watch your commissions grow monthly.


Get Paid Every Month

GMF pays out commissions with a minimum balance of USD 50.00 every 15th of the month directly into your CaribPay wallet on file.


Cover Your Plan

Invite a minimum of 20 persons to do the same with your personal link and let the commissions pay for your own plan and you pocket the rest.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Commission Is Paid?
An 8% commission is paid directly to your affiliate account for every solid invitee that purchases a GMF Family Farwell Plan by utilizing your affiliate link.
What Is Meant By Recurring Commissions?

Simply put – for every person you invite to become a member and/or purchase an FFP and maintain it every month, you’ll receive a commission from their contributions. Each month they pay for their policy – you’ll earn.

How Often Are Commissions Paid?

Commissions are paid every day. However, each individual can be paid biweekly or monthly and not subject to a static day due to the large volume. Commissions are also paid once there is a balance of USD 50.00 in your account by the 15th. Email notifications will be sent out whenever payments are made.

How Are Commissions Paid-out?

Commissions are paid via your CaribPay Wallet, Paypal, Direct Bank Deposit, or Deposit to your VISA, or Master Debit or Credit Cards and/or via your personal savings account with GMF Digi Bank.  

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